Miller Lyrynoscope Set-TGIND-6003

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Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscopy Set features one medium handle and Five Miller blades, sizes 0,1, 2, 3, & 4. The medium size handle requires C batteries. Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscope set comes in a black compact zipper case First Responder Kit EMT Anesthesia Intubation Diagnostic Surgical
Laryngoscope set is used for larynx examination, anesthesia, and resuscitation for endotracheal intubation. The Miller Laryngoscope Blade is the most popular of the straight laryngoscopes. The side of the flange is reduced to minimize trauma and the curve at the beak or tip is extended to improve lifting of the epiglottis. These improvements facilitate greater exposure of the larynx in difficult-to-intubate patients.
Oral Airway Miller blades are available in dull finish hence reduce reflections. Blade flattened to move the patient’s tongue aside, rather than compressed. Flat base to help to hold the tongue out of the field of view. Overall field of view increased by modifying the cross-sectional area of the blade without altering width or height. Miller Laryngoscope set first responder kit is 100% brand new premium grade Stainless Steel construction.


  • 1 Pc Fiber Optic Miller Blade #0
  • 1 Pc Fiber Optic Miller Blade #1
  • 1 Pc Fiber Optic Miller Blade #2
  • 1 Pc Fiber Optic Miller Blade #3
  • 1 Pc Fiber Optic Miller Blade #4
  • 1 Fiberoptic Laryngoscope Handle Medium C Batteries (Not included)

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Miller Lyrynoscope Set-TGIND-6003

$250.00$300.00 (-17%)

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